Chapter 2: Embarking | Aston's POV

Chapter 2: Embarking | Aston's POV

A High Fantasy | Sci-Fi Novel


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IDX vibrates beside the pillow

looks at it with sleepy eyes

Name: Aston Blake

Scriptor Rank: 665 million

Provider Type: Rare

Chronos Density: Abnormally High

Magic Aptitude Estimation: Abnormally High

Provider Pay Grade: S+ Tier


I still can't believe these readings, they scream Noble and that's what people call us "The Nobles". Beings with an extremely high density of Chronos and an abundance of wealth as a reward.

I woke up to a feeling of something moving in my pants {It was the IDX don't get happy too early}.


Aston Blake,

Report to your assigned MCT venue,

Failure to report in 20:00 minutes will result in your disqualification for this round.

Do Not Reply.


I panicked like an introvert who has been called on stage and can't figure out why

Oh god! Oh god! Oh god! I have to rush!

I just leaped off of the bed and landed on the floor using my elbow as my point of initial contact

Oww, no time to waste gotta get ready, where are my things when I need them?

I tried to find my toothbrush but failed so I just drank a lot of water

Struggled to find appropriate formal clothes, and found a nice half coat and a white shirt with some decent black trousers and some formal black shoes

Made some poached eggs for breakfast, and had them with a glass of chilled milk (just the regular)

Headed out locking the house, forgot I can just teleport by transfer crystal at the MCT Venue, unlocked the house went back in

Uses transport crystal

It's so dark when we are mid-transport, I wonder if there are ways to light up this darkness

I was lost in thoughts with my eyes closed, suddenly the foreground lit up

Ok, that wasn't a lot of people, they had such elegance, such manners, and such boring behavior almost all of them were nobles.

I was completely lost, looking at the building's structure in awe, they really outdid themselves with this site.

A humble girl noticed my lost expression and directed me to the help desk

I approached the desk, "Excuse me, I am kind of lost and don't know where to go from here"

The woman at the desk looked me over.

"May I have your IDX please?"

"Here", I cheerfully handed it to her

She went . . . . .

She legit stood up and made a run for it to the support room.

As I stood there awkwardly, I wonder what she saw

Two helpers arrived from the same support room and told me they are there to direct me to the test chamber

I was skeptical of the special treatment

After that being a little scared {it was my first time}, I went into the directed room

I thought there would be monitoring devices, tubes, and a whole bunch of interesting devices strapped to me

But I was told to stand under a huge glass bell-like thing for 3 mins

and that was it, bummer, I was kinda looking forward to interacting with all kinds of new chrono-tech

I came out of the test chamber, the help desk lady came back wearing an expression of disbelief

She asked me about how I felt, I told her not so good after how cold she was just before

She apologized and asked me how I felt after the test, I said I feel normal

The shock she wore was exaggerated to cartoonish proportions at this point.

She said "Your Chronos Density was the highest recorded till now, even the recorder hit its limiter, Your Density is immeasurable as it has Ultra Dynamic flow which lets you convert and generate Chronos at impossible speeds, We had to put our Chrono radiators at full power for verifying if you have what it says on the IDX"

"to be honest I felt nothing at all", I remarked

She parted her lips to speak, only no voice came out.

Actually, in hindsight she might have said something after all, I was too distracted.

My eyes were drawn to the corner of the room,

I saw someone being transported over on a hover trolley, an accident?

For some reason, I felt my heart sink and a strange feeling of unbearable irrational grief washed over me.

I was angry, I was afraid, I was seeing red and I never felt so helpless in my entire life, I broke into tears, I gasped, I flailed, I screamed.

I was shocked at my reaction and what I felt that I could only consider a gross overreaction.

If only I knew then.

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