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All was silent, except for the sound of two beating hearts...

All was dark, except for a certain faint emerald glow...

At the edge of the world an agonized howl started it's march with a brilliant white light followed by what one could, if they so heard it, make out to be the faint sound of a sharply drawn breath.

And then

All was silent.

All was dark.

This is not a story of justice, It may be a story of vengeance, it is certainly not one of redemption, it is a story of a festering world and the catastrophe that follows as consequence. It is a story of humanity's forgetfulness and it's longing for the clarity... of disaster.




It's the year 2077,

12 years ago the discovery of the magic particle chronos, a particle that was thought to have the ability to manipulate time, revolutionised technology, it was soon found out that the particles came in varieties much like the atoms and much like the atoms they had an entire chemistry of interaction but unlike them there were only 16 of the chronos.

The chronos was everywhere, it didn't interact with matter directly, but it did so significantly, it was especially concentrated in living beings, the human heart was found to have another major function, to produce and regulate chronos, lungs could absorb or get rid of chronos.

Some martial arts enthusiasts likened it to "chi", and as time, whatever that may be, would tell... they weren't far off.

A specific crystal, later named to be chrono-crystal, showed promise to control and co-ordinate the chronos, provided it be appropriately programmed. The void of it's lattice stored chronos and the vertices regulated its reactions.

Chronos Particles

And so the horizons of the sciences expanded, Chemistry, Physics, Geology, Programming, technology, even the modern human society would undergo drastic changes

The chronos had it's applications everywhere, chrono-crystals started being mass manufactured by the Industry, all societal power shifted to the Corporations who had made the right decisions.

Where did the chronos stored inside the crystals come from?

The human heart is an excellent producer of the chronos, and the lungs and nerve endings can help rid the chronos...

And so people were mass employed at slightly over minimum wage to be strapped to an extractor and have a substance sucked out their body that they weren't aware so far even did anything functional.

There were those who didn't agree, but most did.

There was also the service of programming the crystals...

Schools doubled down on education on the chronos, working the students day and night, utilizing all the recent chrono-tech to try and remove the adverse affects of sleep deprivation.

Chrono-tech was expensive, and most people needed to be chronos provider on top of a regular job to be able to afford it. The people who could provide more chronos were payed more, those that could provided the rare types were payed handsomely.

Eventually the ideals of the corporation and the governments clashed...

Chrono-X, the largest chrono-crystal manufacturer, declared war.

Against the latest chrono-weaponry the world didn't stand a chance.

Nations surrendered when even nuclear weapons were frozen.

The world was now united under a global government, it was of course a people's government, since the sub-organisation of Chrono-X that made the highest profit controlled most of the power.

So it still barely resembled a democracy.

Just when the dust was beginning to settle down,

The world was yet again shaken to it's core...

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