Table Of Contents + Author's Note

Table Of Contents + Author's Note

Starting A Novel Series : )


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Hi, Everyone I'm going to start a Sci-Fi Novel Series because I always wanted to XD

This is a Science Fiction and High Fantasy Novel that takes inspiration from the MMORPG genre of games and Software Development and wraps it all into a neat little package.

So Cover Art's Not Ready Yet, I'll eventually make one, but for now please bear with no cover :P

First couple chapters I'd already written once on watt-pad, but since I forgot the password of that account and I'm gonna write software articles here anyway,

It's more convenient for me to put everything here.

Please provide feedback wherever you can ^^ The hard details of future chapters isn't set in stone yet, only basic plot and world-building, so feel free to suggest ways I can improve on those too and I'll implement them : )

Table of Contents

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